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Post Production and Visual Effects


We're an independent media crew who has their hands in a whole bunch of worlds.

We do motion picture post production, matte keying and rotoscoping, news media and interviews, video game programming, voice over and practical acting, production and editing and a tidbit of art and logo design.  So yeah, we're all over the place.

Below are just a few examples of some of the work we're doing.

Who the heck are these folks?

We're an Adobe shop, specializing in After Effects and Premier visual effects work.  We do green screen and matte compositing, 3D modelling and CGI effects, cinematic titles and logos and all sorts of other movie magic.

CGI Laboratory Hallway

Green Screen keying and color grading.

VFX magic cauldron

Film and Media

We use professional equipment and modern cinematic techniques to deliver top notch video quality.  Shooting in LOG formats, we also do shot and camera matching, color correction and artistic grading.

Color Graded Image

Ungraded LOG Image

Logos and IP Branding

In addition to all the film work we do, we also dabble in logo design and motion graphics.

WASD Radio

Villains for Hire

Event Coverage and Journalism

We've done event and news media coverage for events such as San Diego Comic-Con, PAX, E3, SCA Potrero War and Twitch-Con for organizations like WASD News, IGC News and including editing and filming and audio.

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